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    Frame Material:Aluminum Alloy
    Sail Material:Bayer Polycarbonate
    UV Protection:100% UV protected
    Snow Resistance:50cm/Square meter
    Wind Resistance:122km/h
    Size:550*300*300 (cm)

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    Model Number


    Standard Size

    550*300*300 (cm)

    Roof Material

    10 years Bayer Polycarbonate sheet

    Roof Feature

    transparent or translucent with various color options

    Frame Feature

    High impact and free maintenance

    Excellent protection

    Blocks harmful UV rays to avoid car damages

    Water Pipes

    Aluminum Alloy

    Warranty Time

    10 years for polycarbonate sheet

    Frame surface treatment


    UV Protection

    100% UV Protected-does not yellowing

    Temperature Reduce

    Protect car from direct sunlight, and cut off harmful UV rays to avoid car damages


    2 man Do-It-Yourself Project for your own carport


    Easy cleaning with water or rain